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Rent a Storage Barkingside and Have More Free Space in Your Home

Mobile Self Storage Barkingside IG6

Barkingside Container Self Storage IG6Our storage Barkingside is the perfect solution for you if you feel as though you need more space and room in your home or office. If you hire your mobile storage unit from our company then you can enjoy fantastically affordable prices whilst still benefiting from the ease of mobile self storage and the excellent levels of security and protection that we offer. Whether you’re looking for domestic storage or office storage solutions, our company can provide you with everything that you need, and with our unique storage methods you can experience easy and affordable storage no matter what you have to put away!

Self Storage Barkingside IG6

IG6 Safe Storage BarkingsideAre you in need of Barkingside self storage solutions? Finding enough storage space in your home or office isn’t always easy, and whether you’re in the process of moving or if you’re just looking for somewhere to store surplus stock from your business, our company can provide the answers that you’re looking for! We have lots of self storage units available for you, and with units of all shapes and sizes, we can make sure that you have the best available space for your needs. Our company is proud to offer competitive self storage prices across all of our storage facilities, and we’re just waiting to hear from you to give you the help that you need!

Home Storage Barkingside IG6

Barkingside Home Storage Containers IG6Our company can help you if you need home storage solutions. Your home should be spacious and clutter-free so that you can your family can relax and unwind there, but if you feel as though you could use a little extra storage space in IG6 then we have the answers that you need! We can provide you with the affordable and secure storage facility or mobile self storage unit that you need, and with minimal fuss, low prices and high security, you simply can’t go wrong with our company. We have available spaces that can be rented weekly, monthly and annually, and with our low prices you’ll really have nothing to worry about!

Business Storage Barkingside IG6

Barkingside Commercial Storage Solution IG6Do you own your own business? Maybe you run your own office? Running a business can be difficult and stressful, and one of the best ways to cut down on stress is to make sure that you and your employees are working in a clutter-free and spacious environment! Our company can help you with your business by making sure that you have all of the Barkingside business storage space IG6 that you need. Our company offers low prices on everything from office storage solutions to mobile self storage units, and we have some of the most secure storage answers in the whole area! Our competitive and affordable prices are fantastic for any business, so why not let us give you the help that you need for your business?

Student Storage Barkingside IG6

IG6 Short Term Storage BarkingsideIf you’re a student and you’re looking for Barkingside student storage solutions then let our company help you! We have lots of available self storage spaces for you, whether you need a storage unit or even mobile self storage solutions. We have high levels of security and fantastically low prices, so no matter what your storage needs might be, we can help you! Whether you’re moving into student halls or moving out of them, whether you’re going home for the summer or even if you’re studying abroad for a term, we can provide the affordable storage answers that you need. Get in touch with us today for all of your storage needs!

Secure Storage Barkingside IG6

Barkingside Storage Facilities IG6If you hire a self storage unit then you need to know that you have the secure storage solution that will keep your belongings safe. Not only can thefts occur if your items are not stored securely and safely, but you might also face damages to your property from adverse weather conditions. Our company has the ideal storage services IG6 for you, and thanks to our 24 hour surveillance and round the clock security, you won’t need to worry about your property once it’s stored with us! We have some excellent self storage prices that are competitive and affordable, and even if you hire a mobile self storage unit from us you won’t need to worry about its security! Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Self Storage Units Barkingside IG6

IG6 Storage CompaniesDo you need to find self storage units in Barkingside? Our company can help provide you with the ideal storage facility for your needs, whether you need assistance with your domestic storage or even your office storage. Our company is proud to offer affordable and competitive prices that aren’t going to cost you the earth, and with our fantastic security measures, which include 24 hour surveillance, you won’t need to worry about the safety of your belongings! Everyone can benefit from having more storage space in their life, and with our low prices there really is no reason not to hire our company for all of your storage needs!

Self Storage Rooms Barkingside IG6

IG6 Storage Buildings BarkingsideOur company has the perfect Barkingside self storage rooms for your needs, whether you need storage solutions for domestic storage or office storage. We have wonderfully affordable and competitive prices that are all thanks to our innovative methods of storage, and with some of the most highly-secured storage facilities in the area, you absolutely can’t go wrong if you hire our company! We have facilities and units of all shapes and sizes, so no matter what you might need to store with us, we can ensure you have the best space imaginable. Get the storage space that you need in your life from our company, and enjoy having a roomier and more spacious home or office with our help!

Storage Barkingside

IG6 Storage Solutions BarkingsideDo you want to find affordable and competitive self storage prices? Are you looking for secure storage solutions that aren’t going to break the bank? Do you need more storage space for either your home or your office? Our company specialises in self storage units, and we can find the perfect self storage space for you that isn’t going to have an expensive price tag! Our unique storage methods mean that we can offer you some of the lowest prices around, without you having to compromise on the safety and security of your storage Barkingside! Get the most for your money with our company’s amazing storage units and discover how much you can benefit from extra storage in your life!

Storage Barkingside at Best Prices

Hiring our long-term or short-term storage Barkingside will not breaking your budget. Call today and get your free quote!

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £17,50 £70 £210 £420
2x 35 sq ft units £35 £140 £420 £840

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

–°lients Say



I did not expect such services from Storage Room Barkingside. They were outstanding. Their storage units were clean and spacious too.

Ollie F.


I only tend to post reviews if the service is exceptional. It was certainly that. Storage Room Barkingside provided the perfect storage service. The price was great too which was an added bonus.

F. Henson


StorageBarkingside offered a great service and had excellent storage facilities. It's little wonder why they're one of the leading companies in this industry.

Jenny R.


I was worried that StorageBarkingside would not be able to help me. I needed a self storage unit with specific requirements and I didn't think they would be able to match them. I was wrong though because after one call I had the unit I needed. I could store all my goods to my liking and the team were there to help with whatever I required. This is a quality service that I recommend to everyone.

Mindy Parker


I used Storage Barkingside because I wanted some mobile storage very last minute and they were able to help me out. I was worried I'd be charged a fortune because of how late I was in booking it, but they didn't charge me anything extra. Really pleased with the unit and how secure it is as well as the customer service offered by the whole team.

Martin Sandwell


StorageBarkingside supply me with excess space for stock I sell from home on eBay. I only need a small unit and it is in good condition and cheap. The whole facility is under constant surveillance which makes the place so safe. I can enter the unit whenever I want, which is useful. The staff members are friendly and everything works well.

Graeme Miller


I've always been a little bit nervous about putting my items into storage. It's just the fact about leaving my items elsewhere that I find it difficult to relax about. But when I called Safe Storage Barkingside they put me at ease right away. They talked me through the process and explained all the security measures they have put in place at their facility, and after that I felt a whole lot better about the situation and made a booking.

Joe R.


I wanted a place to store my goods after the school term finished. Safe Storage Barkingside's pricing and facilities were just what I was looking for. The team is exceptional and helped me select a storage unit that was just the right size for my items. The storage unit was clean and dry; I didn't have to worry about my goods while I was away. I know that my friends too will benefit from this service and so I will be recommending your services to them too.

Heidi Banner


Storage Room Barkingside has been a huge help with my business. I have been able to store all my things before they ship in one of their storage rooms, making my home less cluttered. It also means everything is completely safe, as they have full security measures in place. Their services are helping my business succeed and I'm sure they can do the same for you.

Jane Morris


I was thrilled with the low cost storage I hired when I wanted some family treasures storing. I hired secure storage from Barkingside Storage Container and got a great service. The unit was really secure with continual security checking the environment at all times. I use it all year round as the cost is so good. It has saved me the hassle of moving, oh and the cost!!

Contact Information

Company name: Storage BarkingsideLtd.
Telephone: 020 8746 4514
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 32 Fowler Road
Postal code: IG6 3UT
City: Ilford
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: 51.6082780 Longitude: 0.1227290
E-mail: office@storagebarkingside.co.uk
Description: Short term storage or long term storage IG6, we are the right place to call when in need of a storage box, mobile storage, storage container or else in Barkingside, Woodford Green, Woodford Bridge, Chigwell, Highams Park, Hainault, Chigwell Row, etc.
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